Last Revision: September 18, 2017 by action of the Executive Committee


  1. Introduction
    The Range Facility is wholly owned and operated by the Bismarck-Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association for their members. Range Facility use shall include, but not be limited to, sanctioned and non-sanctioned matches such as the range is capable of handling in a safe manner.
  2. Definitions
    1. Association: Shall be the Bismarck-Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association.
    2. Executive Committee: Shall consist of the current officers and the Chairpersons of the active Committees as directed by the Association’s membership.
    3. Facility: Shall be the Range Property.
    4. Range Members: Shall be those members of the Bismarck-Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association who have completed a Fried Family Marksmanship Complex (FFMC) range certification and signed the outdoor range facility certification.
    5. Range: Shall be any of the designated firing ranges on the Facility.
    6. Range Manager: Shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. Shall manage and oversee the schedule, operation and development of the range.
    7. Range Safety Officer(s) (RSO): Shall consist of Range Members in good standing that have been designated by the Range Manager or Executive Committee.
    8. Range Qualification: Shall consist of a certification class and a signed outdoor range facility certification.
    9. Safety Check: Operational, visual and mechanical checks of a firearm.
  3. General
    1. Range membership and it privileges shall require a current paid up full or family membership (associate members are not range members) in the Bismarck-Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association and a range certification.
    2. Range memberships and its privileges may be revoked from any member violating the Range Operation Manual. In addition, membership and range privileges will be revoked if any member loans their range key or if any member makes a duplicate copy of their range key. Dues will not be refunded.
    3. Annual membership fees shall be as defined in the Range Operations Manual.
    4. Prior to using the Facility, all Range Members shall have completed a range certification and signed the outdoor range facility certification.

Range Operations Manual

  1. Operations Manual
    1. This operations manual shall detail the requirement for use of the facility.
  2. Firearm Requirements
    1. All firearms brought to the Facility shall be in a good safe working order.
    2. Any firearm brought to the facility may be inspected at any time by an RSO.
    3. Any firearm deemed unsafe by a RSO shall be secured and removed from the Facility.
    4. No fully automatic firing shall be permitted on the Facility.
    5. All firearms not being used on the firing line shall be unloaded, with the action open.
  3. Cartridge Requirements
    1. Due to the construction nature of the Facility, Ranges may not be safe for all cartridges. Therefore the Executive Committee shall have final say over all cartridges and bullets that may be fired on the facility.
    2. Range Members may at any time petition the Executive Committee for inclusion of a cartridge and/or a bullet.
    3. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to provisionally approve or prohibit any cartridge or bullet.
    4. When shooting on the action annex, only shotgun and pistol calibers are allowed.
  4. General Range Rules
    1. All range facilities shall be restricted for use to Bismarck-Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association members who are current with their annual dues, and their guests. Members are responsible for actions of their guests.
    2. All shooters shall become familiar with the range safety rules and procedures prior to using prior to using the Facility.
    3. No inappropriate “targets” such as bottles, cans, TV’s, monitors, etc. are permitted on the ranges. No exploding targets are permitted.
    4. Paper targets shall be properly placed on the target holders and in front of the backstop berm. After completion of firing, targets shall be removed from the target holders and removed from the Facility.
    5. No intentional shooting shall be permitted at or into the sideberms, sidewalls or supporting structures. Shots shall only be taken so the projectile travels downrange (east) from the Association established firing line.
    6. Targets or other objects (such as rocks, cans, bottles, etc.) may NOT be placed on the top of the impact berms or other structures (such as target holders, silhouette swing targets, etc.). Intentional firing at objects on top of or over impact berms is not allowed and may result in membership being revoked.
    7. No “live” or “dud” ammunition shall be left on the Facility.
    8. All shooters shall police their area after firing by removing trash, spent casings, cartridges, boxes, used targets, etc. (exception – .22 caliber rimfire casings).
    9. No controlled substances or alcohol beverages shall be permitted prior to or during the use of a range. Persons deemed impaired, shall be directed to leave the Facility.
    10. Any person deemed to be unsafe or unruly shall be directed to leave the Facility.
    11. All shooters and spectators shall wear eye and ear protection when close to live fire.
    12. All Range Members and their guests are responsible for complying with all Federal, State and local laws in transporting firearms and ammunition to and from the Facility.
    13. Range Members shall be responsible for closing the Facility and insuring the gate is properly closed and locked.
    14. During a scheduled match all other firing lines on the Facility shall be shut down, unless the RSO so designates them to be open. If other firing lines are open they shall also come under the control of the RSO.
    15. Driving is not allowed on any firing or impact berms.
    16. There is a flip down “range is hot” sign located on the north gate post at the entrance to the FFMC. If you are the first one into the range, flip it down to show the range is hot or occupied and if you are the last to leave, flip it up and lock the gate. This can also be used by farmers in the area to inform members that they are down range and members will then need to communicate with them prior to shooting on the range for safety reasons.
    17. Be considerate of our neighbors in the area. Keep vehicle speeds down on the township road and be aware of field work, especially down range.
    18. Ranges are open on the Facility from sunrise to sunset.
    19. When there is an activity on the action annex, shooters may use the main firing line, but must not walk or drive beyond the 200 yard target without coordination with all other shooters.
    20. No steel targets are to be moved north of the access road.
  5. Firing Line Rules
    1. All firearms on the firing line shall be handled in a safe manner.
    2. All firearms on the firing line shall have their muzzle pointed down range (in a safe direction).
    3. Firing shall only be permitted from Association designated firing lines on the designated ranges with the range Facilities.
    4. No one shall walk or move in front of the firing line for any reason during live fire.
    5. All firearms shall be unloaded with their actions open in a safe and clear condition when not in use on the firing line.
    6. At the command “Cease Fire”, all firearms on the line shall be immediately unloaded and made safe.
    7. In addition to being clear, firearms shall not be handled or even touched when people are downrange.
  6. Personal Behavior
    1. All members on the Facility shall conduct themselves properly.
    2. The use of loud and/or abusive language is not allowed.
    3. Since this is a family orientated Facility, clothing should be appropriate.
    4. Use of alcohol or controlled substances prior to or during range use is prohibited.
    5. Alcohol consumption is allowed after shooting is completed but those consuming alcohol are not allowed back on the firing line and shall not handle firearms.
    6. Shooting under the influence of mind or mood altering drugs are not allowed, prescription or otherwise.
  7. Range Manager
    1. Shall maintain a schedule of events for the Facility.
  8. Range Safety Officer (RSO)
    1. When a match is being held the RSO shall be in charge of all aspects of the range to insure safety to all persons on the Facility.
    2. The RSO shall open and close the Facility. If there is no formal match, the first person on the Facility is the acting RSO.
    3. The RSO shall not leave the facility without appointing an interim RSO.
    4. The RSO shall be empowered to remove any persons deemed unsafe or exhibiting bad behavior from the range.
    5. The RSO may administer firearm checks to insure safety.
  9. Membership Fees
    1. The membership fee for a current member of the BMRPA shall be $200.00 per calendar year.
    2. Family memberships shall be $225.00 per calendar year.
    3. Members completing at least 8 hours of volunteer labor for the Association will have their membership fee reduced by $100 the following year.
  10. List of Cartridges and Bullets
    The purpose of this section is to ensure safety on this Facility and adjoining property and to minimize damage to the Facility.

    1. Prohibited Cartridges:
      1. .50 BMG or any cartridge using that case.
      2. Bottle neck magnum rifle cartridges cannot be shot at the animal silhouettes.
    2. Prohibited Bullets:
      1. Armor piercing – to include green tip .223 Rem (5.56mm)
      2. Incendiary
      3. Tracer