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4667 Sky Way

United States

The Johnson Family Marksmanship Center is the BMRPA’s indoor range. It is a 50 meter, 16 point, range. The range has been functional since January 2009 but there are still a number of areas that need more time and money. For example: some doors and finish work, range floor sealing, classroom equipment, etc.

The range is located at 4667 Skyway, Bismarck, ND, two blocks north and two blocks west of intersection of Hwy 1804 and 48 Ave. S (go south of the airport on U. Mary road).

If you would like to hold an event at our indoor range, please download and complete our Range Usage Request/Agreement.
For more information about reserving the range:
Non-law enforcement: Please contact Tom Thompson at (701) 255-4601.
Law enforcement agencies: Please contact our Law Enforcement Liaison, Sam May, at (701) 258-2360.



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