A BMRPA plan geared towards range management, operation and maintenance.

Background and Rationale: The BMRPA began in the 1960’s as an NRA associated competition organization, operating on several area public shooting ranges. Extraordinarily generous donors, successful applications for NRA and Federal grants, and the vision and effort of key volunteers resulted in the construction, management, operation, and maintenance of the Johnson Family Marksmanship Center (JFMC, indoor range) and the Fried Family Marksmanship Complex (FFMC, outdoor range). These are million dollar state-of-the-art firearm ranges.

BMRPA is a non-profit, non-commercial, fully volunteer organization. There is no paid staff.

As membership increased five-fold, it became apparent there was a need for a more vigorous management, operation, and maintenance approach. The BMRPA membership approved and instituted a “Working Membership Volunteer Plan”. It consists of an annual single membership fee of $200 (individual) or $225 (family) with the fee reduced to $100 and $125, respectively, for volunteering a minimum of eight hours in the preceding year. For example, in Year 1, your membership will cost $200 (or $225). Volunteering a minimum of eight hours during Year 1 will result in a Year 2 membership fee of $100 (or $125). The reduction of the fee will apply for each renewal as long as you volunteer the minimum of eight hours in the preceding year.

Note: For new members joining after July 1 of the current year, their membership fee would be $200 ($225). This membership fee would carry through to the end of the current year, and all of the upcoming year (i.e. person joins July 1 of Year 1 – membership would be good through December 31 of Year 2).

Volunteer hour exemption requests will be considered by the BMRPA Executive Committee on a per case basis.

Here are the documents available for download:

Working Volunteer Policy

Working Volunteer Report Form