Cowboy Action Shooting is a many-sided sport in which folks compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West: single action revolvers, pistol caliber lever action or pump action rifles, and a scattergun. The shooting competition is staged in an “Old West” style. It is a timed sport in which shooters compete for “braggin’ rights” on a course of different shooting sequences called stages.

Each stage features an array of situations, many are based on famous incidents that occurred in the Old West or in our favorite movies. Each shooter must test their “grit” against a variety of steel targets.

Folks involved in Cowboy Action Shooting have developed and adopted an attitude towards their participation called “The Spirit of the Game”. It’s the code by which we live. The Spirit of the Game is nothin’ more than good sportsmanship. You fully participate in what the competition asks: to dress the part, use appropriate competition tools, and respect the traditions of the Old West.

Cowboy Action events provide regular opportunities for folks to get together and have some fun reliving the Old West with like-minded folks. It is meant to be a family activity.

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