Eagle Project on August 29

To the volunteers of my Eagle Project:

The start time on August 29 is 9 a.m.

The cement truck from Jmac will be arriving at the range around 9:30 a.m. Before the truck arrives we still have to put the wire mesh down. If I could get a couple people to come a half hour early to help with that, it would be appreciated (8:30 a.m.). If you have a pair of rubber boots, bring them in case we have to walk in the poured cement. The signs for the turns if you could see them last time, will be there again. Lunch will be provided when we are done pouring and finishing the cement. If you have any questions, you can call or text me at (701) 333-8538. Thank you for helping, and see you there.

Brady Fried

Volunteers Needed

Here are a few opportunities for you to accumulate your volunteer hours:

Sunday, August 23 – ND IHMSA State Match (Outdoor Range)
Volunteers are needed to help set things up as well as for various other tasks. For more information, contact Ray Utter at (701) 595-1136.

Saturday, August 29 – Handicap Ramp Construction (Outdoor Range)
Volunteers are needed to help the Boy Scouts with the construction of the handicap ramp. For more information, contact Brady Fried at (701) 333-8538.

Thursday, September 3 – RoughRider Roundup Match (Outdoor Range)
The Cowboy Action Shooters are looking for help to set things up for their annual match. For more information, contact Mike Ripplinger at (701) 223-3085.

The Boy Scouts Have Started the Work at the Outdoor Range

The Handicap Access Ramp is under construction at the outdoor range! Plans are to place concrete this coming Saturday, August 29. The Boy Scouts and Brady could use a few volunteers for the project. Please contact Brady Fried at (701) 333-8538 if you can help out. Also, this is Brady’s Eagle project. A big THANKS goes out to Brady and the Boy Scouts!


August 15 Varmint Rifle Match

It was a HOT one, this match but we managed to finish before everything melted. Winds were their normal problem. At least that helped cool things a bit.

There were eight of the hard core shooters participating. Scores are starting to climb.

Tom Liebel and Collin Weisz went head to head in Factory and Custom, with Tom taking 1st in both categories and Collin taking second. It sure was something to see those targets with hits on all the silhouettes. No doubt we’ll be seeing perfect scores soon. Continue reading →