April USPSA Match Results

The results for the April 23 Action Pistol Shooting Match can be found at the following link:

Match Results

Here’s a quick match summary:

20 shooters

Top 3 Overall
Del Ray Bergan (Open)
Chris Chapman (Production)
Jim Duffy (Open)

Top shooters for each division or category

Open: Del Ray Bergan (Bismarck, STI); Jim Duffy (Minot, Glock 22)

Limited: Brian Stonecipher (Bismarck, M&P); Josh White (Verona, ND, Para 16); Jon Eide (Bismarck, Glock 22)

Limited 10: Delmer Dyk (Bismarck, M&P 45); Kevin Hoff (Jamestown, EAA Witness 45)

Production: Chris Chapman (Dickinson); Vincent Harms (Bismarck, XDM)

Single Stack: Cole Potts (Jamestown, S&W 1911); Grant Baker (Gackle)

High Law Enforcement and Senior: Jim Duffy

High Lady: Jolene Wanner

Stage winners: Brian Stonecipher (Stages 1, 3); Del Ray Bergan (2, 4); Chris Chapman (5)


April 9 Varmint Rifle Match

Man, talk about hard core shooters! Tyler and I are camped out overnight at the range to be ready for the match in the morning. Morning comes and it’s cold and windy. We’re wondering if anyone will show up. 2XTom gave up his cowboy match just to shoot this one, so we’re staying.

Soon a pickup comes down the road… Doug Kitzan. He never misses a match. Ok, we’ll have a couple shooters. We brew some coffee and chill… literally. Another pickup. Then, another and another. Before you know it we have over a dozen crazy shooters braving 33 mph winds which gusted to 43. And at the end of the match they were blowing over 50 mph!!!

That isn’t all. There were many scores in the high 300’s and one score 15 points short of 600!!! Guess it takes a North Dakota shooter to handle winds like that. There were a few reshoots due to targets getting blown into the next county before they could be counted or even shot. Sure glad I changed to card stock for the paper. The old ones would never have worked.

I just want to express my appreciation for all the guys who showed up for the first match of the season. Especially in spite of the conditions. Talk about dedication! Well done, gentlemen! We had a great time.

Here are the top three shooters from each category, followed by a PDF of everyone’s score.

1. Collin Weisz: 585-0x (30 BR)
2. Robert Fischer: 415-0x (.243)
3. Dave Rohrich: 390-0x (6 Creedmore)
3. Caleb Teigen: 390-0x (6×45 Lapua) (Caleb had to leave before the score was tallied)

1. Collin Weisz: 455-0x (.308)
2. Tim Hagedon: 350-1x (.243)
3. Shane Roe: 290-0x (.22/250)

1. Cole Potts: 275-0x (.223)
2. Collin Weisz: 175-0x (.223)
3. Grant Baker: 100-0x (.223)

AR – Junior
1. Cameron Hintz: 60-0x (.223)

Match Results

See you next month!


North Dakota Junior Shooters

These are the North Dakota kids at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Co, for the National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships. The Junior Olympics started on Saturday, April 9, with the Men’s Air Rifle event. The events continue on Monday, April 11, with the Men’s smallbore rifle. Then the Women show up for Smallbore Rifle and Air Rifle. After the Women’s rifle events – the pistol shooters show up for Men’s and Women’s pistol events.


From left to right: Brady Fried (Bismarck – Bismarck/Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association), Jacob Vaagen (Devils Lake – Lake Region Shooting Sports Association), Brandon Alexander (Devils Lake- Lake Region Shooting Sports Association), and Brett Christianson (Casselton – Buffalo Sharpshooters).