May and June Varmint Rifle Matches


Sorry for the delay in the May write-up. Much to do around the place and not feeling much like doing anything by the end of the day.

Anyway, the May match was a bit of a surprise. Contrary to the April match, the wind was mild and the day perfect for a shoot, but we had only 8 people show up to shoot. Nevertheless, it was a fun day. Young Cameron Hintz came out to shoot the Junior AR and shot an impressive 450. I see him giving his sister a run for the money with more practice.

Custom: Colin took first with a 640, Doug second with a 440, and Don third with a 410.

Factory: Colin with 545, Joe with 410,  and Don with 360.

AR: Colin with 430, Doug with 245, and Dave with 215.

And, of course, Cameron with 450 for Junior AR.

May Match Results


Another windy North Dakota day. Still it didn’t discourage our core shooters from showing up. Heck, anyone can shoot well on a calm day. So, those that miss a windy shoot, miss an opportunity to learn to shoot in unfavorable conditions.

My thanks to Matt Heimbuck for helping run the match. Sure made things run smoother.

Custom: Colin – 505, Don – 400, and Doug – 390.

Factory: Colin – 425, Tim – 375, and Doug – 360.

AR: Doug – 405

June Match Results


Work Day at the Cowboy Annex

On Saturday, June 25, we will be working on the Cowboy Annex. Amongst other things, we will be spreading the crushed asphalt in front of the stages. If anyone wants to gives us a hand and get some volunteering hours in, come join us! We will start working at 10:00 a.m. For more information, please contact Mike Ripplinger at (701) 223-3085.

May USPSA Match Results

May 21 was our first match of the outdoor season.  We had 23 shooters from Bismarck, Jamestown, Dickinson, Minot, Gackle, Fort Ransom, and Bemidji. The overall match winner was BMRPA member Del Ray Bergan.

The scores are posted to, here is the link to the page for all of the May 21nd match results:

Here’s a quick summary:

Top 6 overall:
Del Ray Bergan (Open)
Alvin Lam (LTD)
Dan May (Prod)
Cole Potts (SS)
Chris Champman (Prod)

Top shooters for each division or category:

  • Open: Del Ray Bergan (Bismarck, STI); Kim Parsons (Bismarck, STI)
  • Limited: Alvin Lam (Minot, ?), Mark Nollmeyer (Minot, ?),  Tim Hagedorn (Dickinson, ?)
  • Limited 10: Brian Stonecipher (Bismarck, S&W M&P Pro 40), Brent Pringle (Dickinson, ?)
  • Production: Dan May (?, ?), Chris Chapman (?, S?), Mark Padua (Minot, ?)
  • Revolver: Mark Metz (S&W Model 627), Paul Pansegrau (Bismarck, GP-100)
  • Single Stack: Cole Potts (?, S&W 1911),  James Moench (Springfield 1911)
  • High Law Enforcement: Jon Eide
  • High Military: Mark Padua
  • High Senior: Kim Parson
  • High Super Senior: James Moench (Bismarck, Springfield 1911)
  • Stage winners: Alvin Lam (Stages 1, 2,), Dan May (Stage 3), Del Ray Bergan (Stages 4 & 5)


Next match is June 18.

Brian Stonecipher