Silent Auction

A former member of our Association has donated a rather large amount of reloading supplies (components) and some equipment with the intent for us to sell these items to benefit the Association. These items will be listed on posters showing the item description, number available, and the starting bid price. Members can view these posters and write in their bid during regular designated shooting sessions at the JFMC, at the February meeting on February 20, 2017, and at the March meeting on March 20, 2017. Bidding will cease at the end of the meeting on March 20, 2017 and the highest bidders at that time will be declared winners. A notice will then be posted showing the days and times they can be paid for and picked up at the JFMC.

Upcoming Events

The North Dakota Shooting Sports Association will have it’s annual meeting and awards banquet  in Bismarck on January 28. For more information, be sure to check their flyer.

In addition to the annual meeting, the BMRPA is hosting a Light Rifle Match on Sunday, January 29.

Another item we are hosting is a Precision Pistol Clinic at our indoor range on Friday night, January 27. The clinic instructor is 3-time Olympian Jason Turner.