November Action Pistol Match

November 15 marked the start of our indoor season for Action Pistol Shooting. The match saw 27 competitors from Bismarck, Jamestown, Dickinson, Fargo, and Minot. Here are the results:

  • Overall match champ: Mike Rolland (Open)
  • Top shooters for each division:
    • Open: Mike Rolland, Deane Graves
    • Limited: Canon Kroh, Dan Brown, Jason Simes
    • Limited 10: Tim Hagedorn, Brian Stonecipher, Paul Hamers
    • Production: Tony Bjerke, Bruce Potts, Rob Moyle
    • Revolver: Mark Metz, Tom Knudson, Lori Metz
    • Single Stack: Grant Baker, Cole Potts, Tom Liebel
    • High Lady: Lori Metz
    • High Law Enforcement: Rob Moyle
    • High Senior: Dan Brown
  • Stage winners: Canon Kroh (stage 1); Mike Rolland (stages 2, 3, 4)

Brian Stonecipher

Varmint Rifle Match – October

This year has been a good one with lots of competitors and some good matches. Last month had the most shooters of the year at a single match. Normally, the last match is in September but, I had requests to hold one in October. Although we had a showing of 6 die-hards, the scores were the highest of any match of the season. The weather was a bit cool but tolerable. The wind was manageable, running about 10 mph from the south. Not an unpleasant day, all things considered. Continue reading