Important Information

Indoor range
The parking lot has been resurfaced this week. The cracks were sealed and the entire lot resurfaced on Wednesday. So please DO NOT drive on the indoor parking lot until Friday in order for the parking lot surface to cure.

Outdoor range
A contractor is constructing new berms in the Action Shooting area. In addition, he will be adding dirt to some of the silhouette berms (the main firing area). He has the right-of-way at the outdoor range. The action area is closed until they are finished. The main firing area is closed if he is down range. Also, if you are firing from under the canopy, please be aware of equipment travel on the berms in the Action Shooting area. If equipment is on the berms (and for the most part, his equipment will be on the berms and visible from the main firing line), then the main firing line is also closed. The outdoor project should be completed this week.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are making a better and safer place to shoot.

Tom Thompson

Wind Break

We now have a wind break on the main firing line at the outdoor range.


Be sure to thank the crew who set it up when you see them!


Standing, from left to right: Ken Otto, John Horner, Dallas Quamme, Collin Weisz, Dave Tokach, Bob Cunningham, Rick Solberg. Kneeling, from left to right: Jim Vollmer, Don Granlie.

You can view more pictures in the Wind Break Construction photo gallery.